Life Skills: Loyalty in the Family

Teaching character and life skills to students

We first learn about loyalty from our family.  Our family is the closest relationships we will ever have, and so we can understand that if there is a breakdown in the relationships, a break of loyalty, that we can be affected for a very long time – not knowing who we can trust.  Our children will learn in the family what it means to always be there for someone and how to stick up for someone who needs a friend by the way they are treated in the family.

Each member of the family, by keeping their promises, by not sharing others secrets or personal thoughts is both teaching and learning about loyalty.  But loyalty needs to go both ways though.  While it is the responsibility of parents to be loyal to their children, children must also demonstrate loyalty to the family and each member of the family.

They learn this by making and keeping promises and tying those promises back into the idea of loyalty.  If a child promises to help their family out by keeping their room clean or picking up their toys in the family room – they need to keep those promises as an act of loyalty.  When promises are kept we have the opportunity to praise our children for showing loyalty.  As they understand this better they will also learn to stand up for their brothers and sisters if they are the target of mean words or worse.


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