Back in Maryland

Wudang improvised Christmas Tree

Just a quick post to let everyone know I am back in Maryland for the holidays. This is very exciting and refreshing for me. I get to see old friends, eat familiar foods, and bask in the comfort of familiar culture. There is a joy here that can’t be captured in words, when despite having learned to accept adversity in everyday life, there is little adversity on hand to test me. That is what coming home from China means to me.

It also means I’ll be around to talk, teach, and demonstrate on what I’ve been doing in Wudang. I have scheduled classes on Saturday mornings in North Beach through Calvert County Parks and Rec. I hope they will be a hit. Though I am still working out the details of my schedule at Balanced Life Skills, I am sure you will be seeing me around. Particularly, look for demonstrations in the first week or so of January.

Happy Holidays to you all

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