Life Skills: Our Practice of Teamwork and Self-Reliance in the wake of Irene

Teaching character and life skills to students

As we have come to the end of the month and our discussions on Teamwork it was gratifying to see the use of teamwork in the families here at our school.  Our students really got a special opportunity to display teamwork this week with our brush with Irene, the hurricane.

Some of the parents in the school started using the term Team “Last Name”  as they told the stories of their family cleaning up after the storm or dealing in their own way with the inconveniences or even emergencies that they faced in the wake of the storm.

When the students returned to class we gave all the students the opportunity to tell their hurricane story, and reminded them that when they helped with work that needed to be done in or around the house they were practicing teamwork.  We also reminded them that every team member has a special skill and or responsibility to fulfill on the team, and how thankful they could be that their parents had kept them safe during this emergency.  They could rely on the team, just as the team relied on them.

While having an earthquake and hurricane in the same week was a bit disconcerting, we did get to practice teamwork – and even some of our word of the month in September; Self Reliance.

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