Graduation from college and improv, 20 lessons learned

Joe Van Deuren

On Monday May 16 at 11 AM, I will be in Boston to see our youngest son, Sean, graduate from Emerson College.  Anyone who has children can imagine or know what it feels like to have put 4 children through college successfully.

Sean who had a slow start in school, needing speech therapy and an extra year in Kindergarten, went on to be the student chosen to give his 5th grade graduation speech, to high school being a part of the improv team, take part in plays and give monologue performance at the Kennedy Center, go to college and be on the #1 improv team at Emerson That’s Pathetic as a freshman, traveling around giving performances, and finally having a group of his short stories published with a book signing and reading in his junior year at Emerson.

Can you tell I am proud of him?  But the real reason I am writing this comes from an article sent to me, unsolicited, about the Life Lessons that can be learned from being on an improv team.

20 Lesson You Can Learn From Improv

I hope you enjoy the article and when your son or daughter says they want to try it out – allow them to do so.  it will be a great experience.  By the way, after 8 years of improv, Sean told me last night that he is not interested in continuing that part of his life, but what great lessons he learned being a part of those two teams.

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