Greensboro, AL needs our help following devasting storms

Every year members of the Ultimate Black Belt Test go to Greensboro, Alabama to work with an extraordinary group of dedicated individuals to improve the lives of those in Hale County, one of the poorest in the nation.  This past week the tornadoes that devastated so much of the south, also had its effect on this community.

Damage assessment:

5 people lost their lives and 42 homes were lost along with 17 that are uninhabitable.
This is a call for action for Greensboro and Hale County, where I personally know the people on the ground cleaning up the streets and helping the families that could so easily be forgotten.  For the immediate  needs Hero Housing has identified 31 families that have lost their homes and they are attempting to provide them with $300 cash for immediate needs.

Pam Dorr has been working in this county with Hero Housing and doing a great job of providing affordable housing and helping the community with the very basic needs of life.  I put this call out to all of our friends to help this community – where we know that the money is going directly to the people in need and it will be used properly.  Their website and where donations can be made is listed below.  You can also send donations of clothing and other items, they can be sent directly to Hero Housing office.  As of this time neither Red Cross nor FEMA has made it to their town or area and they are in need as are many towns in the south.

Finally Pam tells me that later in the summer they will need volunteers to help with construction and in other ways, and this may be a project that we here at Balanced Life Skills may want to do together.  These are good people with very little resources.  Every time that I have traveled there I am moved by people and their circumstances.  I hope that as a school that we can be of assistance to them.

To Learn more:
Facebook page:

Address: Hero Housing  1120 main Street  Greensboro, AL 36744  Phone 334-624-0842

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  1. Hi John, I may be going to Greensboro at the end of June to help them rebuild and I’d like to ask you a few questions about the situation there currently, can you write me back please?

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