Life Skills: Building Confidence in Mind and Body

Recently I completed a list and investigation into the top 6 trends that were most dangerous to our children today.  I must say that it is not just our children, but in fact adults too that must deal with these 6 dangerous trends.  One of the trends that students of all ages must deal with is low self confidence.

How is it that our children go from being able to do anything that their minds can imagine at the age of 3 & 4 to feeling that they are not “smart enough”, “good enough”, “thin enough”,  “successful enough”,  in such a short period of time?  As each child gets older they many times are influenced by the opinions of others as their method of measuring themselves.  As they listen and watch those in their circle of companions, they begin to believe that this is how they should look, act, and be.

It is that “self talk” that can make us feel horrible about our bodies and mind.  One of the influences that everyone of us must combat is the influence of the media.  Yet the portrayal of the models and lifestyles of the celebrities many times is created in unnatural and fake ways that does not relate to the real world or maybe even that person.

Build Confidence In Your Body

Your body can do some amazing things.  Your body is different than anyone else.  We can be confident in our bodies and who we are, what our skills are,  and how we approach our life.  That does not mean that we should not take care of ourselves. It does mean though that the world of fake looks and lifestyles should not be our goal.  Our goal can be to continue to make positive changes in ourselves through eating healthy, getting regular exercise, and getting the sleep we need.  It means hanging out with kind and thoughtful individuals, developing our knowledge and points of view, and not being skewed by those that want to sell us something.

Visit this blog regularly as the 6 Most Dangerous Trends Facing Our Children Today is coming soon!

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