Vision: What if our vision needs to be changed?

We have been talking to all of our students about using vision, visualization, or imagination to see themselves accomplishing a goal that they have set for themselves.  Using all of our senses to make it as real as we can in our head.  Most of us have played a game or sport that we pictured in our mind  that we were up to bat in the 9th inning with 2 out and the bases were loaded, or a scenario in basketball, football, tennis, swimming or other activity.  We can create the feeling of  the pressure as we make the shot or swim the length of the pool. It becomes very real.    That is vision.

What should we do though if the vision we have is filled with thoughts of fear and doubt.  If we only see ourselves failing, falling down or not achieving?  This would have a negative impact on our success, and we would likely not do as well as we wished.  So what can we do?

We need to change the vision.  Yes we need to go back and remake the movie in our mind.  If we are having difficulty in seeing a better result, it is within us.  We may not be seeing beyond the ‘limit circle’  that we have created around ourselves.  If we will permit ourselves to push beyond the limits we have set for ourselves, to visualize larger opportunities and possibilities and achieving them, the more power we will find in ourselves to accomplish our desired outcome.

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  1. I agree with the factors of the limit circle. It’s a real factor in life. As we grow older that circle become so much more defined and rigid. So I believe that we need to teach ourselves and the younger generation to harness that energy and turn it into a strength rather than weakness. Feed off the reality that failure may happen. For example; falling off a bike.

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