Seeing the big picture

Leaders in an organization think about decisions based on the large picture and the impact that they will have on the people in the organization and if it fits within the mission of the company.  As parents and especially if we have more than one child we need to look at our decisions and the effect they will have on the entire team.

I have seen some families that have made decisions that were great for one child in the family but disastrous for others.  For instance if you have decided to send your children to a particular school.  The atmosphere and method of instruction may be perfect for one and not so good for another.  One sport may be a perfect fit for one and not so good for one of your other children.  Making decisions that benefit the entire team is what leaders / parents do.

As a leader / parent we understand how our family is going to work the best for all members and for the good of the community.  What can we do that will benefit our family as individuals?  How does it fit into our community of friends, school, church or other organizations?  How does it relate to each individual member of the our team / family?  Some activities and individual preferences may need to be put on hold for the benefit of the bigger picture.

So here is the question we can ask:  What positive improvements can you make today based on your understanding of your family missions and values?   What impact will it have on other family members, community members and globally?

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