Project Leadership: Influencing others to follow

There are so many promises made by individuals and groups saying that they will make your son or daughter a leader.  In fact one school in Pennsylvania claims to be the best school in the country for creating leaders out of any female student that comes to their school.   While leadership skills can be learned about from a classroom – true leadership comes from doing and can only be measured by the amount of influence you may have earned.

Your circle of influence will grow over time, but only if you are able to demonstrate certain things in your own life.  First you must have good character that is recognized by others.  Second you must build relationships with others.  Third you must know your subject that you are trying to have an effect on.  Fourth, having good intuition for the next right thing to do.  Fifth a certain amount of experience.  Sixth, what have you done in the past.  Seventh, what are your abilities?

Now anyone can start their role as leaders, but should start with small projects and then use the knowledge, experience, intuition and success they have to go on to larger projects.  That is the reason we encourage our young students to do small projects like doing acts of kindness and then getting others to join with them in doing acts of kindness.  Some of our students have on their own and then with others played musical instruments at senior homes, or set up hot chocolate stands and used the money for the Lighthouse Shelter.

These are the beginning steps to larger projects in the future where they will be able to use their good character, relationships and experience to influence others to join them in accomplishing good for their community.

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