Vision: See, Believe, Achieve

What is your goal for this year, this month or week?  A goal is something that you want to achieve and one of the best ways of making that happen is to first be able to visualize it.  We must be able to see ourselves reaching our goal, know what it is going to feel, smell, taste whatever the senses can bring to the visualization – if we are going to achieve.

As a child I may want to be able to take a test at school and not get overly anxious about it.  To do so I would need to be able to see myself taking the test and getting the answers to the questions.  I may even visualize not knowing the answer and just taking some deep breaths and moving on to the next problem, coming back to it when other parts are complete.  Then I may see the paper coming back to me graded by the teacher with an A on it and a note that say “Great Job” .  I would be smiling and very proud of my efforts and cannot wait to get home to show mom and dad.

Visualization works for everyone, from athletes to business persons and school children.  It allows us to live the moment in a safe environment and to see the outcome.  “When we can see it, we can believe it.  When we can believe it, we can achieve it!”

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