2011: What are you excited about?

Drawing to the end of the year is a time that we reflect on the year behind and on the one yet to come.   As you look forward to the year ahead, what are you looking forward to?  What is it that you are excited about?  What are you wanting to learn about?

When you make it a goal to always be learning and to expanding you are constantly recharging your batteries.  There is an excitement about getting up in the morning to get on to the next discovery.  Tony Robbins suggests that when we get up in the morning that we ask ourselves What am I most happy, excited, proud and grateful about today.  This starts the day off in an optimistic mood.   If we start our years, months and days like that, everyday will be a day of personal growth.

I have found that as I grow, it brings improvement not only to myself, but also to those who might be in my circle of influence.  As many of you already know I am working to have an affect on the subject of bullying this year.  In particular interest that I want to learn more about is the subject of relational aggression.  Known as RA in the group of individuals studying bullies and in particular among females this is one of those under the radar ways of bullying that has very long term affect on the lives and personalities of our young girls and women.  That is one of the areas that I want to improve my knowledge and understanding.

What about yourself?  Are you interested in that subject or what is it that you want to grow in this year?  What areas are you encouraging your children to grow?  Leave your comments here or send me an email and let me know.

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