Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful

I want to share with you a clip from a documentary being done about this wonderfully strong, gentle, beautiful woman who has practiced judo her entire life.  The film maker needs some support to complete the film.  I personally believe this is a film that must be completed. I hope you are able to help.  Please in addition to anything that you can contribute, join with me in writing to Oprah to see if she will help get this film completed.  This is a moving story of dedication, perseverance and love for the art.

This film was brought to my attention by my instructor Mr. Tom Callos.  This is what he wrote:

1000 Letters to Oprah about Judo 9th Dan Black Belt, Kieko Fukuda. Will you Help?

Would you be so kind as to help us write 1000 letters to Ms. Oprah Winfrey –urging her to seek out 96 year old Keiko Fukuda. There is a documentary in the works about Sensei Fukuda’s extraordinary life-story, Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful. Here is a clip:


I have not watched the film once, without being moved to tears.

The filmmaker is Ms. Yuriko Romer of

Here is the information you will need to participate:

Send a letter to her at the Oprah Winfrey show:


To Ms. Oprah Winfrey

C/O: The Oprah Winfrey Show

110 North Carpenter Street,

Chicago, Illinois 60607

Dear Ms. Winfrey,

Sensei Keiko Fukuda is now a 9th degree black belt in judo, at age 96, and the first women to ever be awarded that title. She was a student of judo’s founder, Jigoro Kano –and still teaches classes three times a week. A filmmaker, Ms. Yuriko Romer, is making a documentary film about Sensei Fukuda, “Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful,” which may be seen both on youtube and at

Remarkably, Ms. Romer first heard about Sensei from your magazine. As time is of the essence, I urge you to seek out Ms. Romer and Sensei Fukuda, as Sensei’s story is compelling and wonderful. She is, quite literally, “living history.”

Thank you for taking the time to consider this request.

Love and respect,

Tom Callos


Of course, you may alter the letter any way you see fit. I’ve already sent an e-mail to Oprah’s show –and several people are mining their connections to people they know –who may be able to get through.

Please show and share one or both of the film clips (Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful) to your friends and students, and let’s send 1000 letters to Oprah as a show of respect for this icon of martial arts self-discipline and history.


Tom Callos

If you would like to contribute to this project here is the link.

I personally have contributed to this project and sent a letter to Oprah.  This is living history. She is a living Hero!

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