While many times we think about courtesy with regards to being polite and using good manners, courtesy is also a way of showing respect and concern for others and their rights. It goes beyond just polite conversation and knowing the ‘right thing to say” at the appropriate time. It is in fact a genuine concern for the comfort and feelings of not just strangers, but also family and friends.

Have you ever noticed someone who is able to do all the ‘right’ things for those outside their family or strangers, and yet many times do not extend the same civility to their family members? This month we will look at how to demonstrate courtesy in the family, with new friends, in the community and in public, including teachers and adults.

Being respectful and courteous reap other benefits also. Notice how often mannerly children are invited to others homes. Kids and adults just like to be around others who are nice and well mannered. Parents and teachers give them praise. Some studies have shown that well mannered children and adults are not only more popular, but also do better in school and in business.

In a world where incivility and discourtesy are emphasized it is essential that we tune up our children’s social graces. They do not come along naturally. In fact it takes patience, effort and quality time extended by adults to children to get good results. Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “Life is too short but that there is always time for courtesy.” This month as parents lets reflect on our responsibility to introduce courtesy to the children that look up to us. Watch our Life Art Peace website for more thoughts on how to commit to this with our family and ourselves.

This month we will be talking to our students about courtesy the following ways.

Young students: “I am thoughtful, kind and polite to others!
Older students, teens and adults: Showing respect, kindness and consideration for others

During the four weeks of June we will be discussing the following:

Week 1: What is courtesy and how can I show it to friends, family and strangers?
Week 2: Manners: From the table to the telephone
Week 3: Powerful greetings: how to meet and greet
Week 4: Excuse me, welcome, sorry, thank you and how can I help?

If you would like more information please feel free to call us and watch for discussions on this website.
Thanks to all families who continue to support the practice of Life Art and Peace here at Balanced Life Skills.

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