Grants 4 Teachers

Mr. Joe has collaborated with the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County to support all of our teachers in the county.  What does this have to do with martial arts?  The best self defense we can have is Education.  Our teachers are one of the most valuable resources we have in the line of educating our children.  All of us have had a special teacher in our life who made a difference for us.  Yet so many, in fact all of them, take money out of their own pockets to provide a better experience for our students.  They are dedicated souls that need to be shown that we appreciate them.

This fund will provide the essentials and sometimes the small extra things they need to be the best they can be.  In addition we hope to have a small part in raising the morale of teachers by showing them on a year round basis that we know that they are working hard for the future of our students.

You can help by giving a small donation to show your support.

Visit our Grants 4 Teachers website to learn how!

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