Return from Alabama community service

I have returned from the trip to Alabama and it has taken me a couple of days to get back to the journal.  It was a very good trip that I enjoyed the company of teammates and students.  Our most fortunate thing was that despite there being torrential rain with thunder, lightning and high winds every night, we had sunshine and good weather when it was time to work.  In fact I never had to get the rain gear out.
I was able to work on 3 of the 5 projects that took place and put a little time in the kitchen too, to help Patti Oji with meal preparation.  The project I spent the most time on was the house addition built for the older blind gentleman.  in just 3 days we built on top of the already prepared foundation, the walls and all siding, roof, electric, plumbing complete and ready for the drywall.
The only disappointment was we never met the man we were doing the work for.  Some of the crew met his son and he was very appreciative of the contribution we were making.  I will have the photos up very soon.

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