Tolerance: Confronting our own prejudices

In every characteristic we discuss we always end up with the thought that we as parents and role models must model the behavior that we would like to see in our children.  But with tolerance we will begin with that concept.  Our very first step is to examine our own prejudices and stereotyping beliefs.  None of us have grown up without being affected by this.
Even if we are not aware of them, in some way our children see through all of that and can see these communicated attitudes. (usually quite unintentionally)   To begin with don’t try to determine your own prejudice, examine what you saw as a child in your parents.  What were some of your parents prejudices?  Now when we have that list, examine yourself – Do any of these remain with you today?
Take time to reflect on how you may be projecting them to your children.  Then take the steps of tempering them so that they do not become your children’s prejudice.

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