Honesty with ourselves

Have you ever had a friend or someone you knew that very seldom came through on the promises they made.  They say they will call you, or go out with you or take care of your kids and they don’t.  It does not take very long before you begin to lose faith in them.  You recognize that they may not be reliable, accountable or dependable.    You just may not trust them.
The same thing happens to us when we make and break self – promises.  What if I promised myself that I was going to work out in the morning. Or I am going to be sure to eat breakfast every morning.  Or any number of other promises we may make to ourselves.  If we do not keep them, it won’t belong before we won’t trust ourselves.  We may begin questioning if we are responsible.  Our self esteem will suffer.
Make and keep a small commitment to your self and then as you built up your trust in your self the commitments you make can get larger and more difficult.  Being honest with yourself, keeping your word to yourself on small and big things will create in you the person you want to be, Responsible (Reliable, Accountable, Dependable)

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