8 Percent of Americans have diabetes

In last nights Capital newspaper, it was reported that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are reporting that the 2007 figures indicate about 3 million additional Americans now have diabetes, bringing the numbers to 24 million individuals with diabetes and 57 million with sugar abnormalities (pre-diabetes).  
As a school and community interested in our ability to defend ourselves against things that harm us, lets continue to make this a part of our program here as well as in our home.  When we eat the right foods and get our bodies moving as well as being aware of risk factors we can decrease the risk we have for the disease.  
This fall we are looking forward to working with the community college and some in our BLS community to develop a video that can be used as an education tool for our community.  If you would like to assist in this effort please be sure to let us know.  

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