Compassion for those we do not know

The Nobel Peace Prize winner, Oscar Arias Sanchez, once said, “The effect of one good-hearted person is incalculable.”  When we use our words and actions in helping someone in need or who is in pain or suffering it does make a difference.  Mother Theresa once said that she showed her love and cared for individuals one at a time.
While it is great to help our friends and family to feel better, there are others who we do not even know that are suffering that we may be able to help.  We may have that nice warm bed and a nice family, plenty to eat, yet some people do not have these things.  What can we do for others, even those we do not know?  When we see someone who is homeless are we willing to look at that person as a person and offer them a smile.
Last year when we hosted the National Coalition for the Homeless, that was one of the things that I really came away with.  The need individuals have to not feel as if they are invisible.  If you saw the video on Pam Dorr she talked about this a little.  How do you think it makes people feel when we are able to give them something that they need?  Have you experienced this?  Even something as simple as a smile is so important as a part of showing compassion.

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