Compassionate Actions

“If you want others to be happy…practice compassion.  If you want to be happy…practice compassion.”  Dalai Lama
There are some very positive things we can do to demonstrate our compassion, as simple as a hug or a card / note, a small gift or other larger action when we fix a broken situation.  Other actions have just the opposite effect.  When someone hits, pushes ignores, roll their eyes or just refuses to recognize the pain of another, these actions are just as hurtful even if no words are spoken.  Have you ever seen someone suffer because of another’s action?  What did you do?
While words can be very harmful, so can our actions.   And an inaction can be just as harmful as action.  As a compassionate person our words and actions have power.  It has been studied and shown that in schools where there is a process in place for ‘bystanders’ to report or who stand up to bullies, the bullying problem is reduced.  Standing by and watching someone be hurt by words or actions with out taking a stand has an effect on others.
Have you ever done something for someone else that made them feel great? Has anyone ever done something for you that made you feel great?
Positive words and actions have a big effect on others and ourselves.

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